Every time you scroll, every time you like, and every time you post, there is an influence. Whether it be you the influencer, or the adapter, media is shaping our brains.


As we grow as a society with technology slowly taking over our daily lives, we can’t help but give in to and believe what people and brands throw at us. The way we communicate through media can translate to real life and affect the way we live.


Leaving the darker side, one of the biggest ways the media changes us, is through the millions of celebrities and personalities on the web. We are constantly attracted to the glamorous lives that these wealthy people live, we strive to be just like them.


A popular example would be the beautiful Chrissy Teigen. Super model, TV personality, and wife to singer John Legend, this woman seems to have it all. Not only is she known to thousands of paparazzi on a daily basis, but she speaks to millions of fans over the web. She is most talked about in regards to her hilarious and sassy humor on Twitter.


In today’s world, humor is viewed as something snappy, sassy, savage, and somewhat rude. Yet we see this as entertaining.


There is no denying we take part in every aspect of social media and being sucked into what celebrities talk about. Not only do they entertain with their comments back to followers, but they teach us to not take sh*t from anyone and not be afraid to express who you are!


Media has its ups and downs. It all depends on how you take advantage of the situation. 


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