Everyone has that debate as to whether they should live in a dorm, apartment, or just stay at home when they enter college. Let me make the choice easy for you. D-O-R-M life is the way to go.


Living at home only presents you with a commuting status as a freshman. This limits you to meeting new people on campus, living situations, or even at events held on campus.


Living in an apartment as a freshman forces you to growing up wayyyyy to fast. You are being pushed into this grown-up environment where it’s harder to get away with messing up.


Experiencing the dorm way of living, you get to not only share a space with a friend or stranger, but you have your own community inside one building. Just walk down the hall or a flight up the stairs and you are with your new/old friends!

You may be the kind of person that likes their own space (including myself), but after I experienced a whole year in a room with someone I didn’t know of until I stepped food into my college, I wouldn’t take it back.


You are able to create memories with the people throughout the whole building. If it be hanging in someone’s room, doing laundry, or being able to come together and get food right down the street. This is an environment worth enduring.

Going through the small personal spacing of a dorm, you learn to appreciate the next steps of life, like moving into an apartment, potentially moving home, and even moving into a home.


Sometimes we have to live through all kinds of living spaces in order to fully appreciate what you have.


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