Buying, or selling. Flipping or flopping. The housing market can entail a rollercoaster of adventures. Lucky for us, Chip and Joanna Gaines give us a constant fresh taste on southern living.


HGTV has blessed us with a variety of DIY homes, retailers, exotic vacation homes, and so much more. But nothing compares to the “goals” that the Gaines family shows us. This family has stolen the hearts of most everyone in the nation with their love toward one another, hilarious interviews, and extreme passion for the homes they bring to life.


The TV show becoming extremely popular within the last year or so has helped to spark major business for Chip, Joanna, and the little city of Wako, Texas. You would think that after all these years of flipping this city, they would be almost complete. But this family always seems to find a new project.



Not only is this HGTV show a major hit, they have recently come out with a book that gives amazing insight into their personal, as well as professional life.


And you thought you couldn’t fall any more in love with the couple and family. THINK AGAIN. Showing constant love in the book, on the show, and in person through interactions with fans, this family seems to never disappoint.


With endless amounts of homes and adventures to encounter, Chip and Joanna always have a trick up their sleeve to keep us emotionally invested. It’s like your favorite Netflix series that never ends. A dream come true.


This is an inspiring family with a passion to change the things around them, one house at a time.


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