The world as we know it is being taken over by the media. It’s a fact. Our society can’t help but be sucked into what the Internet has to offer.

There will always be ups and downs when it comes to technology, but lucky for you, I will be focusing on the positive. Now if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years you might not know what I’m about to talk about. So sit back, relax, and prepare to educate yourself.


Meme’s have slowly started to take over the social media world. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, we have memed it. Dating back to just a couple of year ago, the first meme made its mark.


I may not know what that was per say, but ever since we have found the comical relief in these images, our imaginations have run wild. I not only think this involves creativity, but it also somehow bonds everyone on social media on an inside joke… that everyone knows about.


The best part is, you never know what meme is going to be next. This is such a fast pace world, you have to see an image just like that, and create something with substance.


It started out as a monthly occurrence of “what will be next”. But now that so many videos, pictures, and texts are being thrown around, there are about 3-4 new memes a week.



This is just a Meme world, and we are living in it. Who knows how much longer this will last, or if it will go on forever. The future is a mystery in today’s society.


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