Today’s generation, until the end of time, will grow up with endless amounts of media and advertisements of all kind. One of the most hard-hitting topics is the way that body image has/will affect the minds of young children.


As I grew up, it was always stressed that little girls shouldn’t look to the Victoria’s Secret models as a role model. These are girls that are not only genetically gifted with being tall and small, but they have to keep up their appearance with diets, exercise, and most of the time, drugs.


This is not only a problem with little girls, we often times push boys to the back of the bus because they are too “independent” or “strong-willed”. I remember seeing endless amounts of Abercrombie and Fitch models in the windows. Six-pack abs, good-looking facial features, and a strong smell of “man” (aka not the best scent).


Body “goals” these days have gone to the extremes of children being bullied for being overweight, not attractive enough, and so much more. Yes, the people we see on TV are naturally or surgically beautiful, but we don’t accept other standards.


We as a society have to adapt and accommodate to the effects of media for the rest of our lives. Body image is something many businesses have tried to normalize, such as Dove with their “natural” campaign.


Little boys and girls around the world are being brainwashed into wanting to be these gorgeous people. These are unrealistic expectations and we know it. The only way we can change this viewpoint is to accept every body as a body “goal”.



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