Living through the college experience, it’s safe to say that one of the most annoying errands is going to the grocery. Not only do you have to take time out of your day to go and plan what you need to eat, but consciously know you are about to drop some major cash.


We as poor college students don’t have the money or time to stress about what we eat in all honestly. This is where a lot of students fall short in health. Lack of money and nutrition, results in more stress and decline in health.


In recent years there has been HUGE upgrades in the way we can possibly do dinner. Businesses such as “Blue Apron” and “Hello Fresh” have been storming the market. With simple cooking instructions, unique dishes, fresh ingredients, and exact measurements to take away any stress of meal preparation.

Not only do you receive meals that are unique, but they are delivered to your door. I repeat. Delivered to your door!! Never having to leave the house is every college kid’s dream.


Though some of these services may come at a price, having the leisure of not needing to buy in bulk, some ingredients you’ll never use again, is a plus. You get to keep the instructions for future cooking needs, and have the opportunity to experience dishes you would otherwise never think to create.


Convenience, comfort, and FOOD. What more could you ask for? The move towards personal food delivery, with fresh ingredients is the future!


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