We’ve all had those thoughts. We’ve all had that mirror. That thought process. That “look”. Oh yeah…. that “oh my god I need to lose weight” look.


Growing up, there are many people who go through the chubby stage as a pre-teen, or high schooler. For the most part, some are fortunate to grow out of that phase. But some aren’t as lucky.



Don’t feel bad, this is a very common thing that happens to a large amount of people. College comes, stress comes, work comes, and families are sure to follow. We lose track of our time and selves trying to survive this thing called “life”.

With all of this chaos circling, we sometimes fall short of finding the best ways to lose weight. Many hiccups in this process include: extreme dieting, which can either be starving yourself of basically nutrition needs, or starving yourself in general. Or extreme working out, which gives you hope you’ll change your life with a few weights and no diet.


Before you dive into wanting a healthier lifestyle, be sure you are taking the proper measurements to be successful. Carbs and sugars are our best and worst friends. Managing those to a minimum, along with exercise will give the best results.


Make sure that you are keeping a proper balance with foods and exercise. Not only will this improve the body, but the mind will be alert and energetic. You will be more aware of what you intake, which will help train your body digest the foods, and burn more fat.


But always remember, just because you aren’t that super model on the TV ad doesn’t mean you need to lose weight. Anything you do should be for your own happiness and nothing else.


Don’t lose your mind, losing that weight.


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