Louisville Baseball Sweeping the Nation


Not only do the Cards dominate in football and basketball, UofL is absolutely killing the game of baseball. With a season record of 43-6, there is no questioning why this team is ranked number 2 in the nation.


This team possesses many key players that seem to soak up the lime light of being stars. Brendan McKay being one of the most versatile players on the field; taking part as first basemen, pitcher, AND batter. With a batting average of more than .400, it’s pretty understandable why he’s a force to reckon with.


There are plenty of other star players on this field such as Kade McClure (pitcher) and Devin Hairston (outfield/batter), but we can’t let the newbies take the back seat. With every season ending, brings a new season with fresh talent.



Just a few weeks ago at the Louisville Bats stadium, sophomore pitcher Zeke Pinkham, with a less than .200 batting average, hits a huge home-run on his
second hit of the night! You can’t look past any of the players on this team
because everyone is full of surprises.

With only a couple of weeks left of play in the season, the cards are gearing up for another amazing experience in the ACC tournament at the end of this month. Coach McDonald knows all of the tricks and trade to get his players prepared for this highly anticipated opportunity.


Cardinal baseball always knows how to dominate the field, at home or on the road. With such an exciting month left in college baseball, all we can do is sit back, relax, and cheer on our cards to victory!

Louisville first, cards forever.


Top 5 Summer Hair Hacks for Women

Have you ever been walking downtown, on campus, or just sitting in your overheated car and realize your hair is sticking to your neck? Don’t worry you aren’t alone, along with myself there are plenty of other women out there struggling with their hair in the summer heat.


There are those 100 degree days where you just can’t seem to get a break with the sweat, the smell, and the endless amount of hair you don’t know what to do with. Don’t fret! Here are 5 amazing and simple hairstyles that may save your summer.


  1.  High messy bun, with french braid underneath

Not only does this hair style keep your hair up and out-of-the-way, the french braid underneath adds a pop of style, and keep those annoying baby hairs in line.

2.  Fishtail side-braid

With this look, you are not only able to keep your hair down slightly, but keep it contained in one area, on one side of your face. This keeps the feminine look while still pulling back all of your hair.

3.  Hair headband

Having a good hair day? Don’t own a headband? No worries! With this hairstyle you are able to keep your hair down while using your own hair to create a cute and simple band around your head! This keeps hair away from the face, while keeping those luscious locks down.

4.  Slicked back pony

If the runway is calling your name and you are ready to show off your smokey side, then this is the look for you! This is the best way to assure that all hair is out of sight, out of mind. Just gel back those stray hairs and throw up a pony. BOOM. You are night life ready for the summer.

5. Chopped

Are you feeling wild and ready to try new things? Why not start the summer off fresh with a clean-cut! This way there are no struggles with the long hair sticking to all parts of the body. New summer, new you.

With these simple summer hair hacks, you will be ready to rock any style with a breeze!

The Cat’s Meow

If you were to ask someone, “what is the most random topic you can think to write about?”, the generic answer would be dogs or cats. Right? Well to some people, more specifically me, cats would be the first thing on my list to write about. Literally. It was actually the first topic I wrote down to speak on.

Growing up with felines in the family my whole life, I had the opportunity to understand what most dog lovers didn’t. The wild, frantic, and unexpected nature that cats brought to the household.

Like most mothers, I pride myself on the relationship I have with my child/cat (pictured below), and believe that there is no stronger bond out there. Being a low maintenance pet, there’s not much more you could ask for. No loud barks when there is any kind of movement, plenty of bed room at night, and they even bathe themselves. It’s a dream come true.

Being such an underrated pet to dogs, cats show their affection is a less obvious way compared to dogs. For one, if they flat-out show you affection immediately, you are already someone I strive to be. That soft purr, or rub up against your leg is all you need to know that they genuinely love and look up to you.

I don’t believe there will ever be a science to truly understand the way cats function, but isn’t there excitement in a little mystery? Cats are just as complex as humans; they may piss you off, annoy you, or even have you fall in love. But in the end, you can never seem to hate them.


After reading both of the articles, I realized I could relate to them both extremely well. There are many times when I can’t have my phone for an allotted period of time and all I am thinking about is how long it’s going to be until I can check my phone updates again. But like the first article said, once you get past a certain time and realize you aren’t the only one not on their phone, the anxiety passes and you start to have a good time in the moment and you are being sucked into your phone.

The second article definitely hit home with me because I have been on both ends of the phubbing spectrum. In multiple relationships, being romantic and friendships, I have found myself whipping out my phone to see if I have missed any updates, texts, status, and whatever I feel the need to check up on. In today’s world, we all feel the need to stay in tune with what is happening around the world, more than what is happening right in front of our faces. It is true that there have been many arguments between friends, family, and boyfriends because one of us is constantly checking their phone. It creates a disconnect with a person and a sort of dislike. I feel pushed to the side and unimportant the someone has the desire to check up on or text someone else when I am right in front of them. A sense of priority is lost when one person is on their phone while the other sits there and waits to get the attention back.

Judging from these articles, I can tell the major importance we keep with or phones and other technology. We feel lost and disconnected if we are off of it for even an hour. It’s true that life changing things can happen within minutes, so we feel that if we aren’t present (over social media) at that very second, we lost everything and now we are out of the loop. This is the sad truth that has come upon us the the recent years and I believe there is no way of turning back.

When it comes to unplugging from my technology and social media, that’s challenge I have tried to face before. There have been multiple times where I have deleted apps on my phone for a good month or two and have honestly felt relieved when I did so. The only problem was, when I reconnected, the addiction came back as well I the thoughts of “how could I ever give this up again” came back. Luckily over a holiday break, I have the ability to disconnect from the world, at least for a half day, and what better day to do it, that turkey day itself. Being a communications major, and having jobs that deal with marketing and advertising, makes it hard to ever disconnect from the world because my job always calls for social media and advertising connections.

This past break I was about to step back from my phone for about a half day and honestly I had mixed emotions. At the beginning I had high hopes because I could relax, but shortly into the unplugging I got anxiety of “what is something big happens, what if something terrible happens, I need to keep people updated and I want to stay updated”. Luckily I had the company of my family to take my mind off of things and the abundant amount of food to do the same as well. At the end of the day I was able to successfully say i stepped back and stayed away from my phones for half of the day. Not the say I didn’t constantly hear about things through my family members while they were on social media, but I was able to stay away personally. I don’t regret unplugging for that short time because it made me reconnect with the world for a little bit and made me realize I can’t take these moments for granted because I will never get days and memories like these, back.

Stepping back and looking at this semester and this class, there are absolutely no regrets with the things I have learned and experiences I can take with me, from this course. I believe that blogging was the biggest thing I am able to take away from this class because it is the first time ever I have been able to step back and reflect on what I have learned, in my own words. This was a way I was able to retain information in an effective way and still had fun doing it. Once of the biggest theories I would take away would be the Social Dependency theory, because I always knew I experienced this, but was never able to put a term to it. I now have a deeper understanding of the theory and am able to apply it to daily things.

I have learned so much more in this class than I have ever intended to do. There are days where I am able to whip out statistics from lectures around people and not only surprise myself, but the people around me. I feel more connected with the technology in this world and feel more up to date than ever before. I can’t wait to take away more knowledge with the few lectures we have left, and I know this will stick with me for a long time and push me to stay updated with today’s world.

Social Media

Social media is something that has begun to run our world in the past few years. That’s a harsh first statement but I have never written anything so true in a blog until now. As we have discussed in class, social media has been a growing form of interaction and socialization the majority of our millennial lives. This was the way we started and kept friendships throughout middle school, grade school, and high school. Facebook and MySpace were the start of it all with the friend requests, status’, pokes, and photo sharing. This was a way to connect through media, and disconnect from the real world at the same time.

Having grown up with technology and social media since I was in grade school, I have really learned to embrace and adapt all aspects of it. It was how I was able to show large amount of my friends and family my life without having to travel all over the place to repeat endless stories and show millions of pictures. It was a way I could make new friendships, mend old ones, and stalk future ones. Social media has been a huge platform for my personality and personally has brought me more out of my shell as I grew older.

There are many relationships I have held throughout my lifetime, and each one consists of different levels of closeness. I do believe the majority of my relationships due to social media have been enhanced because of constant interaction and attention, but there are plenty that have been there, but quality has decreased.

I have what I call “social media friends” which are basically the people you follow on twitter and Instagram, who you see in person and say hi to, but you would never think to get their number and try to hangout with them. Of course there have been circumstances where I get to talking to someone I’ve connected with over social media and made a friendship out of that, but since there are so many people I interact with on a daily basis, it’s not possible to do that with everyone.

For the most part, I believe social media has really enhanced most of my relationships because it gives me the opportunity to show my real personality because when you first meet me I may come off as more shy than my usual weird self. It’s a way for me to show who I really am and it gives a certain comfort for when I interact with someone in person.

There’s no telling where social media will take us in the future especially now with a lot of hate and negativity due to political reasons. For the most part I believe it will help us with future relationships because we are able to reach people across the world or across the street with a click of a button and be able to talk via text, voice, or video which is such a wild concept.

As we have talked in class, there are several companies that are trying to play both fields with hardware and software to help with the social media frenzy and get us all communicated all of the time. So only time will tell where social media will take us, and we can only pray that we as a society make the best of it.

No More Privacy

It’s weird to think that we believe we live in our own little world with our own pieces of technology and believe that we are the only ones who know what actions we take. Basically in today’s world, there is no such thing as “privacy”, we are the power source to feeding major companies our information along with our friends and family’s. After reading the short article on how other companies sell our information to the world, it makes me want to be a lot more cautious with my everyday choices.

Luckily I grew up in a time where I knew privacy was changing because technology was as well. I became more aware of the endless privacy policies I had to “agree” to just to be accepted into a program. We all know that no one wants to / has the time to look through every policy that is thrown at us, we just get the gist and move on with our lives. Of course I am concerned with the amount of information the government and world has on me; it freaks me out to know that the US government probably knows more about me than I myself know! But we are in a world were we have to accept this no matter what because it’s literally impossible to get away from it.

When I was younger I was always ready to sign up for basically anything if it allowed me to get something for free or a discount. Even now I do it for my jobs where I have to get someones name and email in order for us to contact them with more information, and this is all for someone to get a free piece of merchandise. But knowing how much information people and companies can take from me I have definitely become more cautious with not signing up for rewards programs or contests because that just expands my information to more people.

It’s crazy to think that the website most everyone has been using for the past 10 or so years, knows everything about us. But as you can see it has stopped no one from continuing their friend requests, pokes, and liking of pictures. Facebook has so much data about each and every person we know and don’t know and if we try to get off of Facebook and reverse what we have done, it’s impossible because once it’s out there you can’t go back. It’s a hard smack of reality to know you have to filter everything you want to say on the Internet because there is at least one company ready to take that information.

As we have said in class, there is surveillance on our computers as I type this, phones, apps, tablets, and much more and we can do nothing to stop it besides coming more away of our privacy problems. I definitely think we need to be more careful as a society with what we decide to put out on the web because we all are very aware of the permanent affects it can have on society and our personal lives. There are a lot of websites that we have discussed during lecture that help us to see who views us and what information they value the most which is a wild concept. Knowing that we have access to this, we need to take advantage of it and research what data is collected and learn to be more cautious.

Privacy is something that should stay private, even from the government, so next time you think to sign up for something or post a status, just know that someone could use that to target you in the next ad, or spam.

The Role of Video Games

When thinking about video games, I wasn’t too affect by this topic for quite a few reasons. Going back to last weeks blog, talking about the Internet and PC’s, when I grew up technology was just an up and coming thing. Yes, video games were definitely something we as kids played, but I don’t believe it had the same prominent role it does in today’s society.

In today’s world, video games have basically taken over our world in any way possible. Growing up, games were mainly just on our desktop computers, and you needed a disc in order to play the game. As we got older, video games became more portable and had the ability to be downloaded. We all carry video games around with us every day even if you think otherwise. The little apps you have on your phone that you may never use, or only use when you are waiting at the doctors office, bored out of your mind, are video games that have come a very long way.

Dealing with the affects that video games have on the American society can be taken in many different ways. Growing up I always heard that violent video games make for violent people and that if I even watch them I will become violent. Yet, looking at recent studies conducted, researchers have found that this isn’t necessarily true all of the time. But for example purposes, I grew up with this fact being circled around and it is still present to this day.

Video games have been known to make people less social and more socially awkward. You are trapped in this dark room with headphones and the only way of communication is through a tiny microphone where you are trash talking some random kid in a different state. So as you can see, there should be an understanding as to why parents try to get their kids away from playing games as much as possible and get that “fresh air”.

Coming from my personal observations, my cousin and I are only a month apart and are basically like brother and sister. I grew up always being at his house and watching him play a huge range of video games on a day-to-day basis. He would play violent games, fun games, and just straight up weird games, so you could say I got a good taste of a wide range. Judging from where we are now at the age of 20, I see no violent actions coming from him, just a slight obsession with being entertaining by visual reality.

If you have ever grown up with someone playing video games you never understand why they would prefer to stay in on a Friday night and play with “their boys”. It’s a mystery to me still but it is something that has to be accepted in a technology based world.

I belive a lot of this stems from the early diffusion theory, because at a young age these video games are distributed to a small audience, and then soon it is spread to the majority. There have always been the early adaptors, early majority, late majority, and laggards; you just get to chose where you want to land on that scale. I believe that if you started gaming at such a young age, you continue this early adapting strategy as a habit and not wanting to miss out on the next best thing.

Video games may not be as talked about as they used to, and I think it’s because they have become such a social norm, we don’t even realize they are around us 24/7 now.

PC vs. Millennial’s

Trying to think back to the first time I my have used a PC, I couldn’t possibly recall the first time ever, but I sure remember the first time I interacted with one. My family has always been a Mac family, so the earliest memory I can recall would have to be having this huge, white Macintosh desktop monitor with stacks and stacks of video game discs close by. Right after school everyday I would be sure to run to our basement (beating my sister) to the mainframe computer to play endless hours of fun and “educational” games until my mom had to peal me away from the screen.

If you really think about it, these PC’s were something of an addiction that kids my age and older couldn’t walk away from. There were games that were able to exchange with one another, you could bring to friends and family houses which in the end, could last for hours.

When it comes to the World Wide Web that’s a different story. PC’s were something for video games at my house and taking very awkwardly photo booth pictures, but the World Wide Web was something I mainly dealt with at school. We had this huge computer lab with extremely old and blocky desktop Dell computers. We constantly used these computers for educational video games, as well as learning how to type fast and correctly. It was extremely weird to have to switch from a Mac at home, to a Dell at school because it was a completely different feel with layout, physical touch (the mouse), and the overall look.

These experiences stick so clearly in my mind because of how constant I participated in the activities, if it was everyday after school to play games, or twice a week having computer class in grade school to perfect my computer familiarity. I believe it really helped me to accomplish getting familiar with the web and being able to adapt things a lot faster than some people. It created a curiosity in me that made me want to learn things quicker and without manual or directions.

Though, with the constant use of video games after school, I think I may have made the mistake of sheltering myself from socializing with friends and family, not completely, but it may be the factor for my more inverted personality for later years.

In regards to the affects on my life, I believe everything I experienced as a child has influenced me in a good and bad way. I grew up the majority of my childhood without an excess amount of technology so I go to experience the “kid life” without the endless outlets of technology, in turn, creating a social dependance and reliance. I has created opportunities for me to expand myself as a person in a social and professional setting. It’s the way I get most to all of my jobs and how I started communicating with most of my friends in my younger days.

Coming from a Mac family my whole life I definitely realized the slow adaption with certain technology since it was so expensive at first. So I was happy to be apart of the uprising of the Apple company with the majority of society now conforming. There are many things in class we have discussed that accommodate to PC’s and the internet when we first started using it, like first getting information on what exactly it was, trying it out for the first time, loving it, adapting it, and influencing other people to adapt it as well.

It’s crazy to see how strongly PC’s and Internet have shaped our lives to this day and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. There is not telling what will happen for the future, but the best thing to do is to stay optimistic.

We are Old, Tech is Young

Before, during, and after reading this article I already had a mass flow of stories I was thinking of to relate to this article. I 100% believe that as we age we slow down our adaption to new technology, which in turn, makes us frustrated with the younger times. Technology just continues to get smaller, faster, shinier, and more complicated and as a 20 year old college student, I can already sense my confusion and frustration.

A more recent example I could think go was the latest iPhone 7 coming out without an AUX cord. I don’t have the next best bluetooth in my car or $200 to drop on some wireless headphones, so I was not too thrilled with the new update. I was talking to my parents as to why I felt that cord was so much more reliable than Bluetooth because you never know if they will connect, and instead of easily handing a cord over to a friend to play music you have to un-sync and re-sync. After my long rant to my family they started laughing at me and calling me “old school”. I didn’t know that being so called “old school” came at you so fast and I was honestly in shock. I felt like my grandma after I explained Facebook to her; annoyed and wanting to fit in.

Going back to the fact that I am only 20 years old and a Junior in college and my sister is a 17 year old in high school and she comes up to me with these new apps and games that I have never heard of before that I find pointless and weird. Yet the younger generation just 4 years below me has a whole different world of technology they use and it blows my mind. Since I was slowly brought into the tech world as a child, anyone younger than me seemed to be throw into it because of the recent craze.

It makes me sad to see infants and toddlers walking around with their iPads and iPods (nicer than mine) and knowing that they will never experience the imagination of dolls, CD players, out door tech free games, and much more. Cell phones weren’t a thing until my 7th grade year for anyone really so a good bulk of my childhood consisted of other entertainment and I truly value that.

As for when I get older, I am truly scared for the technology fall out I may face. It’s hard for people our age to grasp the fact that our grandparents used to be hip and on top of what was new, but that fact that they aged, made it harder for them to adapt. At my age I’m already getting too lazy to adapt some things so who knows how long it’ll be until I’m out of the game. I do want to try to keep up as much as possible though, because I believe tech will soon run our entire world and if you are behind in any aspect, at any age, you won’t be able to function properly. It’s a constant game of catch up, but now it’s time for our generation to close that gap in order to stay in the loop.

I believe age and tech separation are inevitable but I think we can help fix it. Who knows what will come out next and what will be the next best random item, but it’s up to us to be in the know and stay with the times as we age. I’m not about to be that uncool mom and grandma.

A Blog on a Blog

After reading this article, blogging myself, and learning all about this form of communication technology, my eyes were really opened to the blogging community. I never really gave thought to, or even considered blogging about my personal life, let alone for a class, but here I am today. But as I have stated in earlier blogs, I have found myself to enjoy participating in writing about the topics given to me. It’s a way to sort of give my feedback and opinions on the topics that we may not have time in class to express.

Once I read the article assigned for class, it really helped me to realize how fast rumors and information spreads, good or bad. Even though people don’t really talk about blogs, we don’t realize when we are retweeting, reposting, or sharing these links, that are more than likely to be a blog, and it’s something we all feed into and find an interest in the story. We are always on the prowl to learn more about someone or something just to be in the know of things and be able to tell the next person. I thought back to the times that I retweeted something just because it was funny, not necessarily because it was true, and it was also something that was already trending so I felt the need to participate in, not caring about the consequences.

In today’s society we think so little of what will come out of the rumors we spread and the things we post. We don’t know how it will effect ourselves, the people they are talking about, or how the information will be perceived and viewed by the people you share it to. Blogging has impacted our society in a way that makes us hungry for any and all information because it gives our bored minds something to think about and our shut mouths something to talk about. I believe it is a way that people can express themselves and give off the impression they want via technology. There is always a 50/50 chance on how people will understand or view the content but either way, you are able to get your word out into the world.

In regards to the future, I believe blogging will stay consistent for a little while longer. Like I said, I didn’t even know that I was sharing and retweeting blogs because I thought they were just links to websites, when in reality these are peoples personal words and opinions. So in that sense, there are a lot a people who are still heavily involved in the blogging world. People will always have opinions and people will always feel the need to express them and tell stories, so the future of blogging is for sure going to stay a solid factor in our society.

As many times as I would like to delete some people and their blogs off the internet, there is no way to take that away from people. The only thing effective we can do to stop it would be to ignore them, it’s that simple. Yet we find ourselves attracted to the controversy of other people. Anyone could be in the wrong so I don’t have room to judge, but I still say we shouldn’t take away the right to publish because it gives society the edge it needs. We will always have problems and we will most likely find the solutions, but in the real world, it si something we have to deal with and that’s what makes the world go round.

As we have discussed from the other technology in class, things wouldn’t be the same without the internet, TV, and all other forms. In todays world we are able to use the communication technology we have to change the world and that’s what blogging has provided us with. Blogging is an amazing thing to have and it’s something that people value because it gives even the smallest people a voice. Good or bad, blogging is here to stay!