Don’t Lose Your Mind, Losing Weight

We’ve all had those thoughts. We’ve all had that mirror. That thought process. That “look”. Oh yeah…. that “oh my god I need to lose weight” look.


Growing up, there are many people who go through the chubby stage as a pre-teen, or high schooler. For the most part, some are fortunate to grow out of that phase. But some aren’t as lucky.



Don’t feel bad, this is a very common thing that happens to a large amount of people. College comes, stress comes, work comes, and families are sure to follow. We lose track of our time and selves trying to survive this thing called “life”.

With all of this chaos circling, we sometimes fall short of finding the best ways to lose weight. Many hiccups in this process include: extreme dieting, which can either be starving yourself of basically nutrition needs, or starving yourself in general. Or extreme working out, which gives you hope you’ll change your life with a few weights and no diet.


Before you dive into wanting a healthier lifestyle, be sure you are taking the proper measurements to be successful. Carbs and sugars are our best and worst friends. Managing those to a minimum, along with exercise will give the best results.


Make sure that you are keeping a proper balance with foods and exercise. Not only will this improve the body, but the mind will be alert and energetic. You will be more aware of what you intake, which will help train your body digest the foods, and burn more fat.


But always remember, just because you aren’t that super model on the TV ad doesn’t mean you need to lose weight. Anything you do should be for your own happiness and nothing else.


Don’t lose your mind, losing that weight.


Clean is Key

You can admit it. You were too lazy to fold that pile of laundry on the floor. You let it sit there for 1, 2…5 days before you realize you lost the floor. Yep, we’ve all been there.

Though most everyone goes through this stage of their life, I can only pray it’s something we all grow out of. I was never a messy person growing up. If anything I would forget to make the bed or wash a dish. But nothing compared to my little sister.


I never understood how people can live in their own filth until I walked into my sister’s room. Clothes grew from the floor, the walls and overflowed into the hallway. There are at least 10 cups, 3 plates, and open makeup palettes everywhere I turn.


To me, a clean room is a clean life. Even if your school, work, and social life are all over the place, having a clean room or home keeps the sanity. It relieves stress and clears the mind after coming home from a hard day.



I’ll admit it, at first it was difficult to get into that mode of putting things away right when I get them, or making my bed right when I get out of bed, but let me tell ya, totally worth it. Learning these things through my college career has not only impressed my friends and family, but it has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my life.


It’s like a diet. Difficult to adjust to at first but once you get into the swing of things it’s like secondhand nature.

Fancy Meals, the Lazy Way

Living through the college experience, it’s safe to say that one of the most annoying errands is going to the grocery. Not only do you have to take time out of your day to go and plan what you need to eat, but consciously know you are about to drop some major cash.


We as poor college students don’t have the money or time to stress about what we eat in all honestly. This is where a lot of students fall short in health. Lack of money and nutrition, results in more stress and decline in health.


In recent years there has been HUGE upgrades in the way we can possibly do dinner. Businesses such as “Blue Apron” and “Hello Fresh” have been storming the market. With simple cooking instructions, unique dishes, fresh ingredients, and exact measurements to take away any stress of meal preparation.

Not only do you receive meals that are unique, but they are delivered to your door. I repeat. Delivered to your door!! Never having to leave the house is every college kid’s dream.


Though some of these services may come at a price, having the leisure of not needing to buy in bulk, some ingredients you’ll never use again, is a plus. You get to keep the instructions for future cooking needs, and have the opportunity to experience dishes you would otherwise never think to create.


Convenience, comfort, and FOOD. What more could you ask for? The move towards personal food delivery, with fresh ingredients is the future!

Body “Goals” Aren’t Reality

Today’s generation, until the end of time, will grow up with endless amounts of media and advertisements of all kind. One of the most hard-hitting topics is the way that body image has/will affect the minds of young children.


As I grew up, it was always stressed that little girls shouldn’t look to the Victoria’s Secret models as a role model. These are girls that are not only genetically gifted with being tall and small, but they have to keep up their appearance with diets, exercise, and most of the time, drugs.


This is not only a problem with little girls, we often times push boys to the back of the bus because they are too “independent” or “strong-willed”. I remember seeing endless amounts of Abercrombie and Fitch models in the windows. Six-pack abs, good-looking facial features, and a strong smell of “man” (aka not the best scent).


Body “goals” these days have gone to the extremes of children being bullied for being overweight, not attractive enough, and so much more. Yes, the people we see on TV are naturally or surgically beautiful, but we don’t accept other standards.


We as a society have to adapt and accommodate to the effects of media for the rest of our lives. Body image is something many businesses have tried to normalize, such as Dove with their “natural” campaign.


Little boys and girls around the world are being brainwashed into wanting to be these gorgeous people. These are unrealistic expectations and we know it. The only way we can change this viewpoint is to accept every body as a body “goal”.


It’s a Meme World

The world as we know it is being taken over by the media. It’s a fact. Our society can’t help but be sucked into what the Internet has to offer.

There will always be ups and downs when it comes to technology, but lucky for you, I will be focusing on the positive. Now if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years you might not know what I’m about to talk about. So sit back, relax, and prepare to educate yourself.


Meme’s have slowly started to take over the social media world. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, we have memed it. Dating back to just a couple of year ago, the first meme made its mark.


I may not know what that was per say, but ever since we have found the comical relief in these images, our imaginations have run wild. I not only think this involves creativity, but it also somehow bonds everyone on social media on an inside joke… that everyone knows about.


The best part is, you never know what meme is going to be next. This is such a fast pace world, you have to see an image just like that, and create something with substance.


It started out as a monthly occurrence of “what will be next”. But now that so many videos, pictures, and texts are being thrown around, there are about 3-4 new memes a week.



This is just a Meme world, and we are living in it. Who knows how much longer this will last, or if it will go on forever. The future is a mystery in today’s society.

Dorm Life: The 1st Way to College Success

Everyone has that debate as to whether they should live in a dorm, apartment, or just stay at home when they enter college. Let me make the choice easy for you. D-O-R-M life is the way to go.


Living at home only presents you with a commuting status as a freshman. This limits you to meeting new people on campus, living situations, or even at events held on campus.


Living in an apartment as a freshman forces you to growing up wayyyyy to fast. You are being pushed into this grown-up environment where it’s harder to get away with messing up.


Experiencing the dorm way of living, you get to not only share a space with a friend or stranger, but you have your own community inside one building. Just walk down the hall or a flight up the stairs and you are with your new/old friends!

You may be the kind of person that likes their own space (including myself), but after I experienced a whole year in a room with someone I didn’t know of until I stepped food into my college, I wouldn’t take it back.


You are able to create memories with the people throughout the whole building. If it be hanging in someone’s room, doing laundry, or being able to come together and get food right down the street. This is an environment worth enduring.

Going through the small personal spacing of a dorm, you learn to appreciate the next steps of life, like moving into an apartment, potentially moving home, and even moving into a home.


Sometimes we have to live through all kinds of living spaces in order to fully appreciate what you have.

Getting Fixed Up the Gaines’ Way

Buying, or selling. Flipping or flopping. The housing market can entail a rollercoaster of adventures. Lucky for us, Chip and Joanna Gaines give us a constant fresh taste on southern living.


HGTV has blessed us with a variety of DIY homes, retailers, exotic vacation homes, and so much more. But nothing compares to the “goals” that the Gaines family shows us. This family has stolen the hearts of most everyone in the nation with their love toward one another, hilarious interviews, and extreme passion for the homes they bring to life.


The TV show becoming extremely popular within the last year or so has helped to spark major business for Chip, Joanna, and the little city of Wako, Texas. You would think that after all these years of flipping this city, they would be almost complete. But this family always seems to find a new project.



Not only is this HGTV show a major hit, they have recently come out with a book that gives amazing insight into their personal, as well as professional life.


And you thought you couldn’t fall any more in love with the couple and family. THINK AGAIN. Showing constant love in the book, on the show, and in person through interactions with fans, this family seems to never disappoint.


With endless amounts of homes and adventures to encounter, Chip and Joanna always have a trick up their sleeve to keep us emotionally invested. It’s like your favorite Netflix series that never ends. A dream come true.


This is an inspiring family with a passion to change the things around them, one house at a time.

Media Brainwashed

Every time you scroll, every time you like, and every time you post, there is an influence. Whether it be you the influencer, or the adapter, media is shaping our brains.


As we grow as a society with technology slowly taking over our daily lives, we can’t help but give in to and believe what people and brands throw at us. The way we communicate through media can translate to real life and affect the way we live.


Leaving the darker side, one of the biggest ways the media changes us, is through the millions of celebrities and personalities on the web. We are constantly attracted to the glamorous lives that these wealthy people live, we strive to be just like them.


A popular example would be the beautiful Chrissy Teigen. Super model, TV personality, and wife to singer John Legend, this woman seems to have it all. Not only is she known to thousands of paparazzi on a daily basis, but she speaks to millions of fans over the web. She is most talked about in regards to her hilarious and sassy humor on Twitter.


In today’s world, humor is viewed as something snappy, sassy, savage, and somewhat rude. Yet we see this as entertaining.


There is no denying we take part in every aspect of social media and being sucked into what celebrities talk about. Not only do they entertain with their comments back to followers, but they teach us to not take sh*t from anyone and not be afraid to express who you are!


Media has its ups and downs. It all depends on how you take advantage of the situation. 

Top 5 Health Kicks for that Summer Bod

Summer is right around the corner, and this is going to be your year! No more “waiting until next year”. Not only is summer the time to show off that amazing body, but it’s also time to feel just as great.

Have you been on the hunt for that food or drink that will boost your energy and health? Fear no more, here are the top 5 health trends that will not only having you looking good, but feeling good as well!

  1. Sunrise Eggs

What better way to start the morning than with a hardy breakfast. With this dash of protein, you are able to start the morning off strong and keep that momentum going for the rest of the day! A good day begins with an energy filled breakfast.

2. Avocados

Don’t let the green color steer you away. This food is the best replacement for butter, mayo, and so much more with no taste at all! Complimenting variety of meals, avocados are low on fat, carbs, and sodium to help boost natural energy.

3. Flavored Water

Trying to spice up your bland water? Adding loads of lemons or cucumbers helps to cleans your body of toxins! Keeping that metabolism up and energy rolling.

4. Spaghetti Squash

Everyone loves pasta, but no one likes the carbs. With squash you are eliminating that factor and are implementing a vegetable instead. This way you can eat all the “spaghetti” you want with no worries!

5. Chocolate Covered Fruit

Ok let’s be real, everyone gets the chocolate craving. Having dark chocolate that is good for your heart, and fruit on the inside, you can’t ask or anything better. Killing that sweet tooth, along with a healthy dessert to end the day.

Summer is a time for fun and health, but never forget to treat yourself!

Southern Charm, Southern Tide

You may not choose the preppy life, but when you live in Kentucky in the Spring time, the preppy life chooses you.


Pastels, short shorts, sailboats, and candid pictures are just some of the elements of what the company Southern Tide brings to the table. A 23-year old by the name of Allen Stephenson was the man who discovered it all and made a huge mark in the retail world, as well as the preppy industry.


Finding the want and desire to create high quality clothing with a southern style, Southern Tide was born. All starting with the first skipjack polo, the company grew from there, producing mass amounts of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Along with so much more.

Having the Skipjack as their logo, it helps to tie things in with competing companies such as Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, etc. who create similar simple logos.


Though this brand may not be as experienced as some of the other long-standing companies, they have sure made their name know. Being based solely from the south, Southern Tide is slowly making their marketing venture to the north with more stores and sales.


As puts it, “No matter where one lives, anyone with an appreciation for classic design, good fit and craftsmanship, combined with an affection for the coast and old-world heritage, will quickly fall in love with the charm of the Southern Tide brand.”

Being the friendly, inviting, and affordable company they are, Southern Tide never seems to disappoint with products or professionalism.